Fernando Alonso vs Gibson Explorer

April 6, 2010

Kelly watch the stars. In the new drop head gorgeus Megane Coupe Cabriolet.

March 17, 2010

This is fresh from Geneva. And as you read this, you can feel the breeze in your hair (or directly on your skin if you are a bald one) and that pleasant feeling of peace that comes with driving a sexy Megane Cabriolet on a perfect summer day. Rest assured, summer holiday will come.

Thats why we didnt post anything on the blog since December.

February 10, 2009

Some of us were busy swimming in a Carribean sea with plenty of sun and tequilla. Here are some shots to prove our stressful winter in Mexico. We marveled at the beautiful layout of license plates, we’ve been fedexed on the beach, we’ve met fellow copywriters who made names with the speed of lightining.
And most of all we were proud to see our Logan being so popular in Mexico, even if it had the Nissan badge.

Welcome to 2009. Strap your safety belts. Have a pleasant journey. It’s “Le news de la week”. Again.

Premium label is premium. This means the label is premium because it’s a premium label.

February 10, 2009


This is one funny label. Redundancy is trendy again and marc jacobs is making sure things will stay that way.

I’ll just leave these here. Enjoy.

February 10, 2009

We hope that one day we will all be old and filthy rich to hide our beautiful tanned wrinkled faces in something like this. Let’s drink to that!

Customising tiny cute objects is so fun if you know how.

February 10, 2009


And the new Twingo Customization programme is no short of fun. Because the Twingo is so cute you might mistake it for your fluffy dog or cat. Here asome options you should consider for this lovely machine that unfortunately it’s not yet for sale in Romania. Come Twingo, we are waiting for you!

We live in difficult times and sadly, Mr Benjamin Franklin agrees

February 10, 2009

Here’s some clear proof that things are not looking as good as lets say 20 years ago. The solid evidence of todays economic mayhem (in case someone  still denies that) lies in the eyes of a dead American President. Thats right. We have two hundred dollar bills, one from 1986 (the happy eighties, remember roxette ? you havent missed a thing) and one from 2006. Just watch mr Franklin’s 2006 concern as opposed to the optimistic Franklin in ’86. How sweet! Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear!

It’s so clear now: car builders forgot how to play

February 10, 2009

Financial Post researchers recently conducted a brief study that put people in front of gaming consoles running car racing simulators. Other people were placed in separate rooms where the games were being broadcast, but not played. Afterward, both groups were surveyed, and the results were so cool. Those that played the video games responded that they were 50% more likely to purchase vehicles that they used in the video games than those that just watched. People that play popular games like Gran Turismo and Project Gotham Racing have shown an affinity towards real-life vehicles that they used in the gaming realm.

Sure, these results don’t necessarily prove anything, but automakers and advertisers have certainly taken notice. Current estimates put the in-game advertising market at $1.8 billion within the next few years. Let the games begin automakers! Have a double look at how cool these games became.

The Robots are finally taking over. With GPS as their leader.

December 3, 2008


Here’s an interesting story we picked up from jalopnik. A story about how badly the machines hate us (as if we didn’t know that already) and how they finally decided to repay us for all the kind things we did for them. A trio of Norwegian men travelling in Brazil were  en route to the airport in their rental car when the vehicle’s GPS took them off the highway and into a Rio de Janeiro slum plagued by gang violence.

After returning from a Brazilian beach the twenty something Scandinavians were hoping to return their car when they got lost. They attempted to use their GPS system to get back on the right route but the navigation system instead told them to exit the main road and cut through the Mare slum complex, which is considered dangerous even by Rio de Janeiro slum standards. As one good thing leads to another, the three were imediately under gunfire, with one of the young men receiving bullets in his arm. They were able to get to safety and quickly left the country, their good times in Rio cut short by savage gunfire. Word goes that the EVIL GPS run away with an old iPhone (the non gps model) to live electrically happy until power failure will separate them, imediately after leaving his victims in gang violence land to be shot at. Nice one GPS. We always thought that you were the good guy in the Gadget Family. But what do we know. Throw away the vile machine and buy some good ol’ maps for your safety. [Source: Reuters via Yahoo]



New EuroNCAP safety results.

December 2, 2008

Here it is people. The new Megane is officially 5 stars safe. Congrats!